LED hula hoop

A fun and upbeat act blending dance and solo acrobatics with on and off body hula hooping. Audiences will be dazzled by mesmerising LED lights which can be custom programmed for your event. 


A hilarious yet sensual act exploring the topic of body hair and beauty standards for women. Watch the performer skilfully remove her clothes with a variety of surprising acrobatic methods to reveal something comic, lustrous and fully unexpected!


A beautiful spinning trapeze act that brings dance to the air. A mixture of high skilled aerial and contemporary dance. 


Rhubarb&Custard is a collaboration between Tilly Mae and Ellissa Rose. This female acro duo will delight your audience with a combination of exciting stunts and choreographed acrobatics. Stop, drop and pose; these gals are dancing like everybody’s watching. Bringing the sass, the strength and the “holy moly how are they doing that?” Guaranteed to get your audience boogie-ing along as they balance, bend and lift each other high above their heads.

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